As an older age group athlete Keith’s coaching has truly helped me to take my running to the next level. He has a unique gift to not only inspire but to help others believe in themselves and their capabilities. When other coaches might have dismissed my goal to run 7 marathons on 7 continents within a year Keith took on the challenge. He was faced with writing workouts which would keep me injury free, incorporate the vast diversity of terrain and conditions that I would have to deal with as well as the short amount of recovery time I would be able to get before running the next marathon. Keith would not hesitate to err on the side of caution while at the same time managed to challenge me. I am truly amazed at what I have been able to accomplish within the last 4 months, 5 marathons and 5 continents already under my belt. With each race I have been able to improve, even qualifying for Boston a second time!

Keith truly has a gift when it comes to motivating, encouraging and inspiring the athletes with whom he works. He makes you excited about your potential, no matter what level of runner
you are!

I have known Keith for 10 years now as a Professional Distance runner. He is always someone I have looked up to in the sport. With his knowledge of the sport and his techniques to get you to the starting line healthy is probably the best advice I have seen in a coach over my 26 years of running. I am an 8 time USA World Championship team member. I was about to call it quits with my running this past year and after talking with Keith, he has me motivated to get back to enjoying the sport once again. Only after a few months of training under his guidance I am almost back to where I was competing on a National Level. Working with Keith via e-mail and phone has been great. He is always so interested in how the day to day things are going. If you are looking to improve on your times or just wanting to improve your Health, Keith can definitely get you there the smart way.

Keith is a coach who cares about the goals you want to attain from your running. He takes the time to get to know what type of person you are because one of the biggest differences between the success of a coach and the failure of a coach is the one who can coach the mentality of an athlete. Keith also believes in capitalizing on your strengths and strengthening your weaknesses. Once he can pull all aspects together, you will see nothing but the results and improvements you wanted to achieve when you initially spoke to him!

I started running later in life and never had the benefit of formal coaching in high school or college. I ran several races, including marathons and my race performance showed little improvement. When Keith offered to coach me I jumped at the opportunity to work with someone who has so much talent and experience. Sure enough, Keith challenged me with workouts I would never have considered and showed me what an impact focused training can have on performance. Not only are my times getting better, even my training runs are much stronger and more effective now that I incorporate a variety of workouts into my training. Keith can really bring out the untapped potential in runners at any level.

I already ran several marathons but my running had stagnated. I was considering taking a break when I met Keith. He offered, and I accepted, his services as a coach. I figured I probably would not get the chance again to work with an Olympian who had a tremendous depth of knowledge about the sport. We worked together over a year with great results -- my marathon time dropped by over a half hour and I qualified for Boston where I ran a PR of 3:11. All of our correspondence was via email with occasional phone calls. Keith's strength is in developing programs where you work smarter, not harder, and programs that get you to the starting line healthy. For the first time in many marathon preparation sessions, I didn't suffer any injuries that prevented me from training. I would recommend Keith to any runner without qualification.