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Keith conducts motivational and informational seminars for corporations and special interest groups on topics related to physical fitness and success modeling. He especially enjoys speaking to children and young adults, encouraging their involvement in sports and recreational activities. In 2001, Keith raised nearly $20,000 for charities devoted to the research of Attention Deficit Disorder. He appeared on the Oprah Show, June 2000, and is featured in National Geographic Magazine's September 2000 issue. uses interactive, web-based technology that makes it possible for Keith to plan, revise and communicate running program. Regardless of the stage of your running career, Olympian Keith Brantly can be there for YOU!

While running is simple, reaching your fullest potential can be complicated.

Running seems to be a simple act; literally one foot in front of the other. However, realizing your fullest potential can be a difficult, sometimes frustrating process. Whether preparing to run your first local 5K race or trying to run a personal best in your 10th marathon, interactive, guidance from an experienced running coach can give you the best chance for success. Serious physical effort and time must be invested into preparing for a running event; and an experienced running coach will act as a guide to help insure that your time is not wasted.

I am privileged to coach runners of all ages, abilities and lifestyles. It's my very strong belief that an athlete's lifestyle, career, nutrition and psychology must be considered while formulating a training regime. As a client, we will work together, communicating as often as needed to insure that you are progressing toward your goals.

Some great reasons to use for your training program.

1. Do you need guidance in the areas of exercise physiology, nutrition and racing strategy?

2. Are you prone to injuries and overtraining? Many runners, regardless of ability or aspirations need an expert to "hold" them back.

3. Do you believe that you will benefit from a disciplined, pragmatic approach to planning your running goals?

4. Are you new to running or planning to run your first marathon?

Keith Brantly's qualifications

1. Bachelors of Science in Physical Education from the College of Health and Human Performance, University of Florida.

2. Successfully experienced in international competition over two decades.

3. 1996 Olympian in the marathon and competed in 6 Olympic Trials in events from the 5k to the marathon.

4. Strong coaching success record with athletes of all ages, gender and abilities.

My guidelines for building a successful running plan

1. Define realistic goals based on past performance and current fitness level.

2. Build an achievable, systematic training program that involves time trials or test races to monitor progress.

3. Teach racing and psychological skills that give the athlete the ability to maximize his or her training.

4. Educate in the areas of nutrition and physiology to enhance the athlete's health for a lifetime.

5. Create strong, consistent lines of communication.